why my device ID and device Key has changed?

There could be several reasons why your device ID and device key have changed in the Duplecast IPTV application:

Device Replacement: If you have replaced your TV or streaming device, it may come with a different hardware identifier (MAC address). This change would necessitate updating your device ID and device key.

Device Reset: If you performed a factory reset on your TV or streaming device, it could result in a new MAC address being assigned, leading to a change in your device ID and device key.

Network Configuration: Changes in your network configuration, such as getting a new router or modifying network settings, can sometimes affect the MAC address and result in a new device ID.

App Reinstallation: Uninstalling and reinstalling the Duplecast IPTV application might also lead to a new device ID if it's associated with the MAC address.

It's essential to keep in mind that Duplecast IPTV uses the MAC address as a unique identifier for licensing and access control. If you encounter any issues due to a device ID or device key change, you may need to contact Duplecast's support or customer service to resolve the situation and ensure you can continue using the application on your new or updated device.

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