Enjoy Smart TV, Run Duplecast

Duplecast is the most advanced and user friendly TV media player. With Duplecast you will enjoy your favorite media content on your smart TV.

The number #1 Smart TV Media player

  • Modern user interface design
  • Fast Zapping
  • Custom theme
  • Multi-Device Management platform
  • Listen to radio freely (30000 stations)
  • Live Scores for multiple sport, Football, Basketball ...etc
  • Watch free short video, Tiktok, 9Gag

Duplecast is a media player for smart Tvs, including Samsung TVs under Orsay and Tizen, LG TVs running webOS and Netcast, Duplecast app allow end-users of Xtream Code panel or similar panels to watch their contents via their API, Duplecast allow users to watch Live, Vod (Video On Demand), Series in all smart Tvs with easy tasks. Duplecast is multi-languages and them-able APP. Duplecast also support m3u playlist created / generated from other Smart TV systems.

Features Overview

Enjoy your Duplecast, Now

Quick Search

Quickly search for items in playlists


English, French, Spanish, Russain, Arabic and more...!

Device Account

Device Account support, Add/Delete as you want.

Parental locked

You can create your own Parental Locking PIN.

Audio tracks and subtitles

Supports selection of audio tracks and embedded subtitles

Resume watching

Saves recently played lists and resume playback from last saved position

User friendly

Allows seek to precise position, you can drag the time slider to the precise position

Favoris List

Allows creation and customization of favorite groups for quick access


So far the app is completely free. Enjoy it

Conditions may change depending on business strategy

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Three years fee (Promo)